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jrock_takeout's Journal

Jrock Plushies delivered to your home
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The rules are simple:
1. Join the community. You must be a member in order to request a plushie.
2. Post on the community and request your Jrocker
3. post in the community or email me a photo of the Jrocker you want me to make in the outfit you want him in.
4. I know that sometimes people like to take these plushies to anime cons. But I do need atleast a three week notice beforehand if you need a plushie FOR a con. I do not like to be rushed.
5. You're not forced to, but once you get my plushie and are happy with it :D you can post pictures of your plushie and his adventures on this community xD It'll be fun ^o^
6. I MUST recieve payment before the Plushie is even started on It's not that I don't trust you, It's just a logical thing I feel I need to do :3


Other notes:

-I like to take my time. It doesn't take me that long to make a Plushie, but since I do sew everything by hand, it gets tiring. When I am busy working on a current commission, I'll post on the journal that I won't be taking any commissions. I'll also post who's plushie I'm done with on the community or email you personally.

-None of my plushies are made exactly the same. I have hand-made patterns and my methods are a bit odd. Just think of your plushies as special xD

-All of my plushies measure to about 15-17 inches tall. So, I'll most likely be charging about $21 for them :3 Is that an ok price? If you don't agree. You can email me at:lucyxling_silverash@hotmail.com

-I won't deny you a plushie, but if I feel that it's too difficult for me to make or it wouldn't come out right, I'd ask you to choose another simpler image of the Jrocker you've requested. This will rarely happen though :3


-Like I mentioned before, I'm charging $21 for my plushies. That does NOT include shipping. I accept well concealed cash and western union money orders ONLY. I DO NOT ACCEPT BANK CHECKS! (They are annoying ~_~)

-shipping is $4 and if you want insurance, that's an extra $2. I wouldn't want my poor plushies getting lost in the mail.

-You must email me your address or tell me it on AIM. Make sure you spellcheck it right.

-I will send out your plushie the moment I recieve payment and even email you the day I send it out to let you know.

-....And lastly! Be creative! Haha, Not telling you what to request, but I don't want to have to make 100 Kyo plushies :P There are other bands out there ^_^ Come on, I know you know they exsist too!

Thank you.
Your fellow moderator: mana_blue_rose

Plushies made so far:

1. Myaku Toshiya (dir en grey)
owner: blue_miyavi

2. Mako (deadman)
owner: tsuchann

3. Miisha (noir fluer PV: Omocha no Miisha)
owner: kisakiglaug

4. Nao (kagrra)
owner: tokimekihoney

5. Neo Grotesque Kirito (Pierrot)
owner: viskei_dorei

6. Reika (madeth gray'll)
owner: rockstar_no_koi

7. Makoto (doremidan)
owner: buterflyumbrela

8. Mana (Beast of Blood)
owner: yayoilaura

9. Bou (An cafe)
owner: kiku_kitten

10. Gackt and Hyde
owner: asukakun